Bank Marketing Ideas: Three Sure Ways to Instantly Build Your Client Base

Published: 07th October 2011
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Do you notice that everywhere you go banks are just about everywhere? When you happen to be walking along the streets, you will notice that these establishments, big or small, are located on just about every corner. However, reality bites for some small banks because bigger and more popular banking groups can overshadow them. Luckily for these small players, keeping new clients and attracting more can be easily achieved through efficient bank marketing ideas that are excellent but not necessarily costly. Their effects extend beyond the long term, so here are 3 bank marketing ideas that are quite popular among banks nowadays.

Rewards Program

Who doesn't love getting something for nothing? Many banks discover successful bank marketing by providing customers with free gear and merchandise as a reward for using their institution for their financial needs. Most bank marketing ideas will begin with a reward or gift when a new customer opens a checking and/or savings account. When trying to attract higher profile clients, banks will have to step it up a bit and offer some more extravagant bank marketing rewards.

A Kentucky-based wealth management company gave their clients rewards such as shopping sprees, fishing trips, hunting excursions, and paintball outings. Bank marketing ideas like these can be beneficial in two ways. They result in customers being satisfied and content, while giving the bank management the opportunity to directly spend time and relate with customers, thus establishing a stronger relationship.

Everyday Perks

Effective bank marketing can often be the simplest thing you can imagine. Providing small tokens of appreciation to your customers each day helps to create a trusting and benevolent atmosphere. Many successful banks give out lollipops to their customers and their kids. Other bank marketing ideas include thinking outside the box and having a box of pet treats for customers who come in with their animals. This measure of bank marketing probably won't create additional business right away, but will help to establish a longstanding bond and sense of goodwill between the bank and their clients, both for now and the future.

One-stop Signage

Signage starts and ends bank marketing ideas. When running a business, you must always make sure that your company can be seen. Do not be complacent with a simple name and logo of your company on the building because you other ways to let people know about your business and what you do. Even a simple time and temperature display that contains your company logo can attract attention. A bank marketing tool like this is very advantageous because people will pass by and glance at the temperature or time, and subconsciously remembers your name and logo.

If you want to take your bank marketing ideas up a higher notch, you can incorporate messages or signage to the display such as an upcoming promotion or deal that people can take advantage of. Additions as simple as local trivia or bank hours can make a big difference in your bank marketing. You can make the sign change to feature a different message two or three times a week so that people will start to intentionally pass by the sign to learn something new. This is bank marketing-familiarizing people with your name and logo, which makes them interested in your business.

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